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With our long running mix series functioning as a platform for relatively established artists and various one-off mixes often featuring a glut of forthcoming Astral Plane Recordings material, we’ve attempted to use our monthly show on Radar Radio to highlight exciting new talent, both in the part of the mix that the Astral Plane DJ Team handles and in the guest mix slots. This month’s show features two guest slots from two of our favorite East Coast up-and-comers, Washington DC’s Swan Meat and New York’s Kala, each simultaneously building up and tearing down a huge assortment influences. Somehow, two Evanescence blends were rinsed, which is probably a first, and the overall vibe of the show is fairly intense so prepare yourselves. In the first hour, we teased out some forthcoming label material from Exit Sense and LOFT, as well as a track from Nunu’s Mind Body Dialogue, which is out this Friday! Anyways, hit the jump for track lists from each portion of the show and look out for our next show on July 25.

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