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A few years ago, I remember listening to some Yelawolf mixtape with a Kane Beatz beat on it. I think Juelz Santana was also on the track. I bumped the track all the time for a few months. Then I realized Yelawolf kind of blows and Juelz and Kane were the only reasons why I liked the track. Anyways, Kane Beatz has some heaters beyond his Top 40 production, although I’ll admit “Right Above It” is hawt. Fat Trel is a Washington D.C. native who’s been attempting to fill the void left by Young Jeezy (he’s gone right?) and Clipse with snarling, rapid-fire crack anthems. Taking a break from writing crack rap for a moment (sort of), Trel gets all misogynistic on “Is It Chu” over Kane’s murderous backing. And sometimes you do just need a little misogyny in your hip hop. And yes I am a man so you can hate me for saying that. Stream and download below.