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Keyboard Kid has released seven beat tapes on his Bandcamp since last June, but today brings us first “official release.” “BasedExorcism” is off of the five song Transition EP set to be released on Brighton label Donkey Pitch, home of Slugabed and Arp101, in early May. The track doesn’t deviate from the standard Keyboard Kid line all that much. Lo-fi crackling synths. Barely decipherable wails. Some nice sub bass. The track speeds up and slows down at its own pace, giving off the sense that an MC would  only be an ancillary asset. Stream the track below and lookout for Transitions in early May.

#based martian Keyboard Kid and DJ Darwin, member of Seattle party rap crew Mad Rad, got together to deliver a mix in anticipation of their upcoming show at the New Museum in Brooklyn. The mix covers several of contemporary bass takes on hip hop anthems (Jaw Jamz “Mr. Me Too,” Obey City’s “Fuck That Wobble”) before delving into Keyboard Kid and Darwin originals. The Phoenix sampling “BURN ONE, PASS IT” shows up as does “God Devil.” Overall, the mix has impeccable song choice and the two artists more than adequately handle themselves behind the decks. Here’s what they have to say about the mix.

808’s & Space is a handful of original productions, remixes and tunes me and my lil broKeyboard Kid have been feeling of late. Its also a small chunk of the live mix/set will be performing at The New Museum this Friday in NYC. Hyped to also be playing an after party at Santos Party House to wrap the night up. FREE Download below.

If you’re around NYC on Friday, you would be remiss to miss (see what I did there?) out on this great event.

It’s been a big week for Seattle hip hop. Macklemore was named one of XXL’s Freshman. We received releases from Champagne Champagne, Sol and Grynch (this weeks Sasquatch Artists of the Week). The roll continues today with #based legend Keyboard Kid‘s remix of State of the Artist member Thaddeus David‘s track “Block Business”. We’ve written about the Kid several times before so you can check our archives for some background info, but just know that he is one of instrumental hip hop’s rising stars and most consistent producers. David has taken a different path recently since his SOTA days and has been making some straight up ignant shit of late. It’s a different look, but it suits him well. Stream and download below.

Keyboard Kid has been on a tear lately. Last month, he released his BASEDTREASURES tape, one of the best instrumental releases of the year. He has also been aching to release the BASEDINSTRUMENTALEP, a collection of instrumentals Lil B has used recently. Now, the #BASEDGOD’s main producer brings us a remix of Seattle crooner Katie Kate’s “Houses.” Katie Kate’s vocals dip in and out of the meandering synth progressions and 808’s on this remix highlighting both the vocalist and the producer. The vocals are altered, cut out and refigured throughout the track, but the soothing beauty in Katie Kate’s voice remains throughout. Stream and download the track below and be on the look out for BASEDINSTRUMENTALEP.

Photo from Urb

Love him or hate him, Lil B has worked with some A-list producers over the past several years including Clams Casino, 9th Wonder and The Cataracs. More recently, the Basedgod has enlisted Seattle-native Keyboard Kid as his main producer, and while B’s music is a bit trite at this point, his producer’s beats are everything but. Since June of 2011, Keyboard Kid has released five excellent instrumental albums; all with some form of “based” in the title. The beats range from fuzzed out, experimental hip hop (Lil B’s favorites) to standard boom bap hip hop.

The young Seattle-ite loves indie-rock samples, sampling Phoenix and Frou Frou, on his THE MIND IS SO COMPLEX WHEN YOUR BASED tape, but his tracks never get corny like Chiddy Bang’s or Hoodie Allen’s do. He’s also obsessed with video games resulting in the inclusion of many 8-bit sounds in his beats. The product is series of hazy, yet futuristic soundscapes with vocals that feel familiar, but are so far removed from their original context that they have a completely separate meaning. Keyboard Kid’s newest tape, BASEDTREASURE, is another great listen in the vein of his past few tapes and for only $3 is a steal. It features two instrumentals that have been rapped over by Lil B and Main Attrakionz, but the rest is all new work. Like Clams Casino, most will enjoy Keyboard Kid’s beats on their own, and the young Seattle-ite might see a Clams-like rise to prominence in 2012. Stream/buy BASEDTREASURE from Keyboard Kid’s Bandcamp below.