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dj sliink

Over the span of the last 12 months, Jersey Club has risen from relatively insulated regional sound to one of the key signifiers of the direction American dance music is heading. As one of Jersey’s most highly touted producers, DJ Sliink has been at the forefront of this rise to prominence, pushing his  divergent sound, in both his remix work and his EP for Body High, on an increasingly “mainstream” audience. Pop remixes have always been integral to the Jersey Club sound so it’s no surprise that Sliinky has taken on everyone from Usher to The Weeknd, but it’s our opinion that his best work comes from remixing lesser known artists. Case in point, his recent take on Parisian producer Lazy Flow’s “Ogazma”, a distinctly Jersey song with a universal sound. The percussion loops and vocal chops are as Jersey as it gets, but the breaks and song structure are more implacable. The result is a Sliink remix that succeeds at Jersey Club to a larger audience, as well as transcending the sound itself. The remix is off of Lazy Flow’s Jet-Lag EP, dropping December 11 via Moveltraxx, but you can download it here courtesy of XLR8R.