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clams casino

At this point, Clams Casino might be the last person with the capability of saving one Daniel Dumile’s worth as a relevant cultural signifier. More interested in producing and betraying fan’s confidence in the past half-decade, [MF] DOOM has always been an enigma, but the truth is that the iron clad villain hasn’t turned out an front-to-back engaging project since 2004’s seminal¬†Madvillainy.¬†It’s easy to get caught up in DOOM’s “free associative” lyricism or his outdated comic book references, but the truth is that he’s lost a step in recent years and has come to rely more and more on gimmicks and outlandish production. Enter Clammy Clams. if there’s a more fitting backing for DOOM’s pedantic rambling than the molasses thick, treehouse beats churned out by New Jersey’s very own, then I don’t know what life. Matching both DOOM’s cadence and carelessness to a tee, “Bookfiend” is the best thing to come from each respective camp in the past 12 months and if you don’t recognize that, you might just need get out to the Amazon for some of that good stuff.