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As much as I loved the split Mak/Pasteman The Throwback EP, the duo works best when they’re in a collaborative mood as we saw last week in their remix of Cassie’s “Me & U”. Like their take on “Me & U”, Mak & Pasteman (I like the ring of that) take a poppy approach to bass music remixing Debian Blak’s “Hawks & Spies”. Like most Mak & Pasteman releases, this sounds amazing on a big system so don’t skimp on the headphones/speakers. Stream below and pre-order the Hawks & Spies Remix EP here.

In our ‘Purveyors’ feature on Car Crash Set, label head Ill Cosby spoke about a new Mak & Pasteman EP on the horizon and like magic, previews of the upcoming The Throwback EP appeared on Soundcloud today. Instead of Mak & Pasteman though, it’s Mak vs. Pasteman as the two will each contribute two solo tracks to the project. In typical fashion, the British duo flex their collective muscle, with their throbbing bass-heavy take on Garage. Stream the EP below and catch it on C/C/S on October 2nd.