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Unorthodox releases are a rarity in the digital age. This is not a knock on sites like Soundcloud and Bandcamp, we adore both, but it’s undeniable that creativity is oftentimes lacking in contemporary releases. Famous Eno and Mixpak Records are hear to end that trend. An ode to London’s long history of legendary FM radio, All Good FM is an amalgamation of London’s many sounds from grime to dancehall to funky. From the press release:

London has many a legendary FM radio station, from Kool to Kiss, Rude to BBC. This summer, Famous Eno adds yet another to the mix: All Good FM. With this release, the London DJ/producer (formerly half of rhythm gangsters Warrior One) explores all the best qualities of pirate radio: surprise, variety and the unadulterated sound of the underground.

On top of that, MC Stitch plays radio DJ, lacing Famous Eno’s beat with rhymes, shout outs and general debauchery. On top of that, the EP features remixes from Famous Eno himself, Arvene and Misk and Dj Sliink. Yeah, that DJ Sliink. Stream previews from the EP below and get it yourself over at Juno.