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midland graded

Midland’s hazy club contortions have been lighting up Britain for years now and it wasn’t until I caught the London-based producer at Decibel Festival last month that I completely understood why. Not that I didn’t enjoy his music, but as with many producers, it was difficult to put it in context until I heard it in a club setting. That’s not to say that Midland’s tunes can’t make good home music. In fact, his music functions on a plane that many others in his class cannot and can play the role of headphone music quite well. The alien squelches and rounded percussion of “Diving Bell (Drum Dub)” make for excellent club fair, but their slightly dissonant, off-kilter nature also turns out an interesting solitary listen. That being said, go see Midland if you get the chance. And look out for the digital and vinyl release of theĀ Diving BellĀ EP (November 25 on Graded). You won’t regret it.