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The idea of punk has been pummeled into irrelevancy over the previous four decades — victim of its own indefinable boundaries, but mostly its co-option by consumer culture and the capital-driven record industry. The ethos of punk is still alive and well though, removed from its anglo context and conveyed in an array of recent artistic, musical and fashion-born movements. Detroit’s Abby — a member of the PTP and Mind Club crews — comes to mind immediately when thinking of the no holds barred and no rules attitude of punk, a DJ who has become a cult favorite via a collection of feverous, off-the-wall edits and DJ sets. A residency at Berlin Community Radio over this past Fall paired Abby’s work with the likes of Jackkie, DJ NJ Drone and Ziúr, while previous mixes for Discwoman, Boiler Room and Sister have solidified her demonic stylings and abbreviated blend style. The result of decades of house and techno dominance has led to the idea of the DJ’s DJ being an exceptionally boring, technical individual, but Abby’s unreserved enthusiasm and embrace of frenzied atmospheres make her the DJ’s DJ that we all deserve.

150+ BPM jersey club, footwork, hardcore techno and contortionist, bass-heavy club experiments all find a home in Abby’s Astral Plane mix with sections of hectic rhythm layered over equal parts dazzling and terrifying synth work and snippets of speech driving the out-of-body experience forward. Tarquin, Jlin, Pearson Sound and Lil Jabba all make appearances, fitted around Youtube excerpts and a clip from the Ellen show, all finished off by Abby’s own searingly emotional Supremes x Shyqa edit. Like being thrown into a cyclone, Abby’s arrangements have the ability to throw the listener off their feet and rip their breath away. If that isn’t punk I don’t know what is.

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