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If you haven’t noticed yet, we have quite a bit of love for Stockholm’s Staycore crew, featuring crew leader Dinamarca in the mix series back in May and letting loose Mechatok‘s tightly bundled contribution just a few weeks ago. In the meantime, the Ghazal and Dinamarca headed posse released the excellent Staycore Summer Jams 2K15 compilation, a mission statement of sorts, but also an introduction to the crew’s wide-ranging talents and individual components. Dembow, tarraxo, kuduro and gqom are the rhythmic forms that draw Staycore together, but across the compilation’s13 sprawling tracks, a multitude of individual aesthetics exist, tied together by an undeniable drive for percussive experimentation and, well, fucking up the dancefloor. Munich’s Mobilegirl has been a source of admiration for a good while now and when she sent a small pack of her productions over in April, we knew we had to enlist the multifaceted talent for our mix series.

Without an official release and only a handful of tracks and bootlegs available, Mobilegirl’s musical career is in an exciting nascent stage, drawing in influences at a rapid pace and churning out a kaleidoscopic take on contemporary R&B and trans-Atlantic/tresillo rhythm-based club music, all seen through a shattered mirror. Tracks like “Ice Sheets” and her take on Dinamarca’s “How About” show a measured restraint and an almost meditative quality while her remixes of TLC and Brandy show a more jagged side of the Mobilegirl sound, bringing out the bite in the vocals on top of propulsive, harsh drums. Her entry to our mix series is a wild affair, more of a collage than a traditional mix, although the untrained listener might consider it haphazard. Running through tempos, vocalists and blaring synth-based melodies, Mobilegirl touches on tracks from Staycore label members (including several tracks from Summer Jams), as well as contemporaries like DJ Nigga Fox, Angel-Ho and DJ Jio P. At times, the fabric of the mix seems to tear apart, but before the listener can adapt, a new track, chant or trance-indebted synth line has entered the picture and carried the project into the next stage. Boiled down to its individual components, It could be a party mix, but simply sticking with the beat is hard enough, let alone following the non-existing groove. And at this point, it’s difficult to foresee how Mobilegirl will sound in six months, a year, two years, etc., but the current output is tantalizing and if her Astral Plane mix is anything to go by, the future is bright for this young producer.

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