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This year, FACT Magazine offered me the opportunity to compile a “25 Best Club Tracks Of 2015” list and after weeks of agonizing over the selections, it went live last week to many readers’ consternation. Unfortunately, a good deal of tracks that I would have liked to include didn’t fit in to the feature’s scope, which was more of less limited to club-focused material and original works (a self-imposed limitation). The following 25 tracks either aren’t aimed at the dancefloor, fit the club-theme or just didn’t quite fit the rubric for the column. Like the FACT list, we’ve kept this one in alphabetic order and considering that these songs come from across a ridiculously wide spectrum we felt there was no need to order them otherwise. Hit the links below to listen to each respective track and enjoy. Big thanks to anyone and everyone who has stuck with us, enjoyed our releases and/or followed the FACT column.

Acre – Always Crashing

Acre x Justine Skye – Never Physically Leave (Prince Will Edit)

Angel-Ho – Yah Cunt

DJ Haram & Mhysa – No Ordinary Love

DJ NJ Drone – Banger (Fools)

Elysia Crampton – Lake

Faro – Hold U (Hi Tom Edit)

Fis – Kal

GAIKA – Sodium

Haleek Maul – Medicine (ft. Kit) [prod. Haleek Maul & Shy Guy]

Iglew – Urban Myth

Jacques Gaspard Biberkopf – Spirit

Joey Labeija – Euphoria

Kadahn – Arc Eye Matter

Kuedo – Cellular Perimeter

Lotic – Heterocetera

Mechatok – Mass Appeal

Mr. Mitch – Dru (Peace Edit)

Rabit & Myth – Lonely Backseat Love

Pan Daijing – DISEASE 疾

Pitcheno – K1. 不明白” (feat. Organ Tapes)

Smurphy – Missing2MyBB

Strict Face – Into Stone

Teeflii x Mr. Mitch – 24 Hourz x Feel (Rabit Blend)

Tim Hecker – Stab Variation (SHALT Edit)


If you dig through Myth‘s Facebook page, you’ll come across a seemingly endless treasure trove of the British producer’s music, nestled inside recently, or not so recently, deceased Soundcloud and Youtube links. Nestled among the dead links and paeans to weed, you might be lucky enough to find a song that hasn’t been wiped from the annals of the internet, maybe his recent Glimpses EP, or digging far deeper, an excellent Ruff Sqwad remix (although that, unsurprisingly, comes paired with a dead Rapidhsare link). Some Youtube clips have been switched to private while others have disappeared entirely, meanwhile an entire EP of slamming grime instrumentals live on via Grime Forum. Myth’s prolific creating then posting then removing process is more reminiscent of beat scene maestros like Knxwledge or even Flying Lotus and his quick witted approach to production separates him from potential contemporaries in the UK.

Which is why Myth’s partnership, besides any stylistic similarities, with Houston producer Rabit seems to make so much sense. Right off the bat, the two producers obviously adore R&B and while the majority of their productions together are wound around grime motifs, it’s undeniable that their work, both as individuals and as a duo, cannot be bound by the constraints of the genre. And as far as Myth’s work goes, it’s difficult to imagine an MC on most of his sub two minute productions. Instead, they exist in a bizarre mid ground between modern remix culture, Boxed-esque instrumentals and thrilling reformations of pop tropes. His entry into our mix series follows that amorphous spirit, less a mix than it is a collection of beats, remixes and tracks, haphazardly blended together. Considering that many of these tracks don’t exist in any other format, this mix functions as something of a (decidedly incomplete) register of the producer’s work over the past several years. You can find Myth on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and can hit him up directly if interested in any individual tracks.