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By most standards, Estonian producer Norman Orro aka Music For Your Plants resides at the fringe of what can be considered dance music, his output a cataclysm of warring natural and technological elements. Last year’s PAN EP, a component in DIS Mag’s “Disaster Issue”, was one of the most exhilarating sonic entities released all year, 15 minutes of bleeding techno futurism subsumed under a gauze of bleeding over saturation. Orro’s latest releases comes in a surprising place, a remix on Los Angeles neo-soul housers Newbody’s latest single. Released on Interscape Records (Traxman, Karmelloz, DJ Paypal), Newbody’s “Think!”, as well as b-side “2 Much Of U”, is a fairly straight forward house number, but the remixes, also from Karmelloz, Ultrademon and D/P/I, are anything but. And while the other remixes take the originals into deep bliss with a New York flavor (Karmelloz), ardkore madness (Ultrademon) and disintegrated footwork (D/P/I), MFYP’s rework actually appears to be the most digestible on first listen. Of course, Orr’s work only ever really functions as a facsimile of what digestible, major-chord-inclined music is supposed to sound like, deconstructing the pop apparatus into its, sometimes thrilling, sometimes melancholy-inspiring, constituent elements. Download, MFYP’s remix below and check out Think!, out February 10, here.