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Dance music has always been a culture of extremes as technology, the human body and the imagery surrounding it are pushed to their furthest logical limits. Often, those extremes are manifested very literally as music gets faster, harder and more abrasive. In recent years, a number of crews around the world have embraced the cross-contamination of hardcore forms and crafted something new entirely, playing on classic rave tropes as much as discombobulating them entirely. Milan’s VISIO, the brand new project from Nicola Tirabasso (ArteTetra / Entertainment Systems), provides an exciting node in that global nexus, a multi-disciplinary artist riffing on “ecstatic virtualities” and exploring the ground between the placidity or ambient and the raw energy of hardcore. Tirabasso is one of the driving forces behind Milan’s Macao, an activist-driven venue housed in a former slaughterhouse, a space that has hosted artists such as Kablam, HVAD and Kilbourne. Tirabasso’s Astral Plane Mix, his second entry as VISIO, is a full on exploration of extremes, gathering material from a group of artists pushing their respective forms to the breaking point. There’s blown out breakcore, hypnotically repetitive ballroom and whatever it is that Balasa has cooked up on “BRISHITI”. Tirabasso has left the mix nicely unadorned, allowing each track to take on a totemic quality, existing on its own until it runs out of time. Not one for the feint of heart, but this burgeoning project offers a deeper dive that appreciates upon further listens.

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