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Having witnessed Low End Theory resident Nobody lay down the freshest in hip hop leaning dance music (or dance leaning hip hop if you prefer) a dozen or so times, it’s no surprise that dude can lay down an outright banger. We’ve seen him lay down psych rock and funk in the past, but “Rex” is his first (official) attempt at drowning out and rising above the masses in the so-called trap game. In reality though,  “Rex” is just a really fucking large hip hop beat just aching for Danny Brown to hop on. Like really, have you heard a beat more tailor made for The Hybrid? Praying to the hip hop gods for that one. Anyways, “Rex” is the A-Side to Nobody’s new single, dropping  onNovember 13 via Alpha Pup.

A beat cypher, what a novel idea. Could be interesting. Those were my first thoughts when a friend mentioned TeamSupreme to me. It sounded vaguely enticing, but an unrealistic novelty in reality. 12 producers using the same two samples and contributing one minute of beat action? No way that could work. If conducted by the wrong people, I figured it would be an utter disaster. Well what the fuck do I know? Directed by Dane (The Great Dane) and Preston (of Virtual Boy), TeamSupreme has been churning out their unique “cyphers” since April and have garnered respect from across the hip hop and electronic music spectrums. With a monthly spot at Los Angeles’ La Cita in place and a stable of producers ranging from (DJ) Nobody to Boreta of The Glitch Mob contributing to the weekly volumes. We wanted to find out more about the process behind TeamSupreme so we shot some emails back and forth with Dane and Preston. Here are the results. Can’t wait for Volume 3,000 to drop.

Give us a play by play of how TeamSupreme was consummated?

Dane: Me and Preston were hanging out and we decided to have a little unofficial project to make a beat in an hour at the same BPM with the same vocal sample, “My team supreme, stay clean” (a Biggie quote).  After we finished up we put them back to back and thought it would be cool to try it on a bigger scale with more producers. That first little project turned into TeamSupreme Vol. 1.

Who all is involved with TeamSupreme at this point? Is everyone located in LA?

Dane: We started with just our close producer friends mostly in LA or Orange County, but now we have people sending in beats from NY, Colorado, Portland and more.

Preston: Our usual suspects consists of Papi, King Henry, Great Dane, Preston James, Djemba Djemba, Fuzz, Kloud, DJ Nobody, Dot, ELOS, Kenny Segal, Nalepa, Snorlax and Colta. We’ve also had many guests including Boreta of The Glitch Mob and Kendo of Two Fresh.

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Ok, so this is only a pseudo live review, because my camera ran out of batteries, but you’ll just have to take my word on how great the show is. Last night, Tokimonsta headlined Low End Theory at The Airliner along with Nutrik and Co.fee sub-headlining. To make the event even more exciting, it was Toki’s birthday at midnight.  Headlining is a funny word for an event like Low End because it has connotations of a green room, pretentious guests, etc., but the artists at Low End are just fans when they’re not on stage, chilling at the bar, smoking stogy’s with friends outside, and mingling with the crowd. It still truly amazes me that musicians like Toki and FlyLo are so humble when they play in front of thousands at festivals on a weekly basis.

Anyway, after a few issues, we got into The Airliner around 11 just as Co.fee came on. I wasn’t too familiar with Co.fee prior to last night beyond his track on Gems Drops 2, but his set was a great start to the night. Mixing hard hitting bass tracks with hazy hip hop, Co.fee set the stage perfectly for Toki, and got a ton of new fans in the process. Next, resident DJ Nobody took the stage alongside Nocando in sinister style. Riling up the crowd in anticipation of midnight, Nobody dropped “Beamer, Benz, Or Bentley” and a couple other tracks that got the crowd chanting along.

As the witching hour neared, Toki made her way through the crowd and took the stage to a massive outpouring of love. Again, I truly wish I had my camera to give you a taste of how much the crowd adores Toki, but alas I fucked up. Anyways, Toki took the stage to raucous applause, and proceeded to absolutely wreck the next 45 minutes. Toki started off slow with a few melodic originals and vocal tracks, taking a brief break at 12 for a rendition of “happy birthday,” before kicking the night into high gear. Toki is one of those DJ’s that is so skilled that she almost lulls you into a trance and then all of a sudden you realize you’re dancing your ass off. The peak of the set came when she dropped three of my absolute favorite tracks of 2011, A$AP Rocky’s “Bass,” The Weeknd’s “High For This,” and Hudson Mohawke’s “Thunder Bay” in succession. To say the least, I was enthralled. After a few cries of “Toki, will you marry me?” she hopped off stage and disappeared into the crowd.

We stayed for a little while after, catching some of the Gaslamp Killer’s set. As always, GLK gave no recognition that he was the “after the headliner” set and was playing in front of less people. Wyling out as always, Gaslamp dropped an esoteric “Niggas In Paris” mix before going into a number of funky bass tracks. Overall, easily one of the better nights at Low End in memory. From the start of Co.fee’s set to the time our legs gave out midway through GLK, there was not a dull moment, and the love shown for Toki showed just how much she means to the Low End crowd. Wish I could have documented the night, but thanks to the power of the interwebs, I’ve found a few videos. If you have any complaints/feedback on our first live review, hit us up in the comment box or shoot us an email.