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A new track from the ever impressive Oddisee is always a good thing. Oddisee is as equally talented as a rapper as he is a producer which puts him among my favorite artists.  This track was released to satiate his fans until the release of People Hear What They See, set to be released on June 5th by the always on point Mello Music Group. This will be his debut album and make it’s way onto your radar for  fresh new hip hop.  Here’s what Oddisee’s had to say about the album:

“This album is about influence, inspiration, perception & reality. Every song was written in an outside environment, so that I could observe the subjects that would become my subject matter. All too often in Hip Hop, reality is limited to that of the artists own, actual experiences. People Hear What They See is my attempt to liberate the MC from those constraints & allow reality to be penned other than my own. Listening to congressmen & lawyers converse on the steps of the supreme court inspired ‘American Greed’, Watching a couple argue over the phone in a bar inspired ‘Maybes’. By having a visual representation of my subject matter, my hopes are that the listener will see them through the worlds & melodies of my songs.”

You can stream and download the track below.

Self Sacrifice Cover Art

MelloMusicGroup dropped a compilation album called Self Sacrifice today. The album showcases the label’s stable of talented artists and producers. MelloMusicGroup (MMG, but no Rick Ross) is an independent label that is becoming a force in the hip hop world with its consistently excellent releases. The label was formed in 2007 by Michael Tolle after he graduated from the University of Arizona. Since then, the label has recruited an ever impressive list of artists.

Artists on MelloMusicGroup include; Oddisee (amazing producer, released highly acclaimed Rock Creek Park and part of Diamond District), Apollo Brown (released Gas Mask as part of The Left), yU (released The Earn, part of Diamond District), Has-Lo (dropped the great album, In Case I Don’t Make It), Genshu DeanFinale, Trek Life, Boog Brown, Stik Figa, The Left, Nick Tha 1da, Tranqill, Declaime, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Sareem Poems, DTMD, Hassaan Mackey, Kenn Starr, Def Dee, Sean Born, OC, 14KT, Slimkat78, and J.Bizness. Woah…I started out trying to highlight the great releases of the artists but this post would have turned into an essay. One project that I mentioned was Diamond District. Diamond District is composed of Oddisee, yU, and X.O. they released their debut album In the Ruff with great success nationally and internationally. It’s the project that got the label the recognition they long deserved.

This compilation album encompasses all that is well with the label and the ability for all of these artists to work together in a cohesive nature. On the album we see MMG artists plus a couple other unexpected additions. There are features from illmind, Black Milk, and Roc Marciano who all add  a little extra flair. The album can be purchased off of the labels BandCamp page here  and can be streamed below.

Thought I would throw this track up today, The Clean Hand produced by Pete RockBlu is an infamous west coast underground rapper and producer who has been getting a lot of attention for, most notably, Below The heavens with Exile. The rapper has released a vast amount of other material and all of it is good, warning he is lazy and releases unmastered material. It’s a treat to hear Blu over a Pete Rock beat. Happy saturday!

Check out this cypher with Blu, and Oddisee killing it along with Das Racist, Homeboy Sandman, and Final Outlaw.