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If you thought Visionist was going to end his 2013 back in September with I’m Fine EP (out on Lit City Trax), it wouldn’t have been a naive prediction. The EP seemed to sum up the London-based producer’s year quite aptly, offering a wildly melodic ride that managed to get repeatedly stuck in this writers head without ever coming off as “catchy”. Later this month though, Visionist will release the “M”/”Secrets” single on Ramp Recordings and based off of the a-side, it’s a continuation of the sound he’s been pimping all year. Besides Logos, there isn’t a producer out there who creates the sense of wide-open space quite like Visionist and that’s readily apparent in “M”‘s deep sub bass and bottomless synth work. The single will be released via 12″ on November 25 and you can stream “M” below.