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Since the release of his breakout hit “Regis Chillbin” last year, Eprom has made a name for himself producing frantic dance tunes that aren’t beholden to any one tempo or frame of reference. They’re loud, garish and eccentric, straying from the populist strands of house and garage that dominate the underground. The West Coast representative’s latest entry comes in the form of a remix of Rhye’s “Woman”. The remix sees Eprom at his most restrained, covering the original’s wispy vocals in understated hi hats and a simple chord progression melody. It’s simple and trance-inducing, far from the seizure-inducing sound of the Metahuman LP. Stream below and download here.

ryan hemsworth

Putting his slow house hat on, Mr. Ryan Hemsworth recently remixed Rhye’s sublimely heartbreaking “Open”, adding a groove almost entirely emotionally separate from the LA-based singer’s original. The remix creeps into electro territory a few times, but manages to keep its tactful feet, matching the plinking keys Hemsworth has seemingly strewn over a couple dozen remixes in the past year+. No word on a release date for this one yet, but you can preorder Rhye’s Woman album here.