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To a certain extent, LA rapper Sahtyre follows the ASAP Rocky blueprint to success. He’s young and brash. His lyrics revolve around his crew, extensive drug talk and vague location indicators. His production is weird, but still digestible on a somewhat mainstream level. Despite being from LA, Sahtyre is not an “LA Rapper” in the traditional sense. He’s too rough around the edges and devoid of car culture. No, Sahtyre is a different animal. He’s worked with Hellfyre Club members Open Mike Eagle and Nocando, which sheds some light, but he’s not nearly as intellectual as the aforementioned MC’s. “LSD (The Anthem)” was my introduction to Sahtyre and gives some insight into his drug-addled mental state, which is sort of derivative of the region-less hip hop the interwebz have fantasized about for the past few months. Highly recommend downloading this one, at least to get a taste of a hip hopper who really defies categorization.