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With rhetoric that refers to “[a]n oil and metal mine melting speakers, CDJ platters and smartphones,” nature-learning AI, and “survivors dancing to biorhythms,” Montevideo’s Salviatek outfit has led the way in exploring the synthesized extents of trans-Atlantic rhythms like the candombe and the results are rather stunning. At this point, Salviatek is only two releases deep at this point, but those two, by Pobvio and Lechuga Zafiro respectively, have set the tone for what’s to come, combining complex, hip-shaking drum programming with digital basslines and melodies. The effect recalls the more experimental side of the NAAFI camp and Argentinian producer Moro’s recent release for NON. And despite being a young label, ZF and Pobvio’s aesthetic is already well adapted and well considered, from the cephalopodic Aequs Nyama biobot to Pobvio’s stunning Syndombe Club EP.

That EP was what initially drew us into both Pobvio and Salviatek’s work, a release that comes off as equal parts joyous, mindful and dancefloor-forward, ignoring the loop-based nature of so much rhythmic dance music for a more freeform format and bringing Uruguayan candombe drumming to the fore. A functional follow-up to Pobvio’s also excellent, Syndombe EP (self-released), Syndombe Club proved a perfect introduction to an artist who has since wowed us with two spastic baile funk edits and is the latest artist to contribute an Astral Plane mix. Drawing from a collection of songs by Uruguayan, Brazilian, Argentinian, Chilean and Mexican artist’s work, Pobvio’s mix feels like mayhem failing to be confined to a sterile environment as wild polyrhythms spray about and vocal snippets from throughout the web-driven world of club music enter and leave the picture. No one is making the sort of hi-tech candombe that Pobvio and Salviatek have enchanted us with and it the former’s forthcoming work is as involving and heteromorphic as his Astral Plane mix is then we’re all in for something special.

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Anyone who attains the NAAFI seal of approval is pretty much good in our book and the inclusion of Uruguayan artist Lechuga Zafiro in the recent NAAFI Pirata 2 bootleg pack and the NAAFI NTS show is validation for a a producer and DJ who has quickly risen to the top of the echelon as far as South American artists approaching club forms goes. Not stopping with his alliance with the Mexico City-based label though, LZ is attempting to foster a community in Montevideo through his Salviatek label, bringing in fellow Uruguayan Pobvio for the label’s first full EP. The Syndombe Club EP is built around a reinterpretation of traditional candombe rhythms, bringing them into a mechanized and militarized age on tracks like “Momo Riddim” and “La Llamada” that are at once playful and full of glossy, kinetic energy. Syndombe Club is out September 11 and will feature remixes from Lechuga Zafiro and Imaabs.