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Over the past few years, Brooklyn-based Mixpak Records have melded the worlds of American club music, hip hop and Caribbean sounds (specifically dancehall), not exactly breaking new ground, but few have been as successful as Dre Skull and his cohorts in our protean music society. Last week, the label released the first volume of Mixpak Pressure, a “series of riddim collections” aimed at paying homage to various dance music sub-genres. Volume One is squarely focused on Southern hip hop, featuring a crew of au courant producers like Melé, Krueger and Sam Tiba (of Club Cheval). I’m sure you can imagine how much of the compilation sounds, but its most inspired moments come from artists working outside of the Trap paradigm. As easy as it would be for Mixpak to compile 12 “Mercy” and “Harlem Shake” soundalikes, what with their domineering synths and such, the compilation doesn’t settle for the known.  The highlight comes from Grime producer Mr. Mitch, whose horror house vocals on “Badman Wheel” and subtle wobble bass offer the most unique moments of the compilation. Even at its least inspired the compilation still knocks and if you’re into the big synths and 808’s as much as every dick ridin’ Dubstep DJ in America, it won’t leave your Subaru’s stereo for a long time. Stream the full tape and download Sleepyhead’s “Hit ‘Em” below.

There’s been a lot of discussion over the past few years about the appropriation of regional sounds by members outside of those respective scenes. The truth is that this has been happening for years. In the 80’s, Chicago House and Detroit Techno were appropriated by everyone. More recently, UK Bass has infiltrated the American hip hop market on Drake’s back. The internet has obviously sped up this phenomenon, democratizing music in general and opening localized scenes to national and international attention. Jersey Club music has been the latest craze to hit the blog world and Frenchman Sam Tiba of Club Cheval has taken notice. Last Fall, Tiba debuted his Jersey Club Music and in the months since, the scene has ascended to new heights in creativity as well as national exposure. Tiba, ever impressive for his skills as a member of Club Cheval, has really outdone himself with these volumes, encapsulating the frenzied, style-heavy Jersey style. Volume 3 features over 80 tracks in half an hour. This shit goes. Our favorite Jersey son DJ Sliink shows up quite a few times as do scene stars Nadus and DJ Jaystar. Tiba edits quite a few tracks himself to keep the mix flowing properly. If you are uninitiated to the Jersey Club sound, this is great place to start. Far from a definitive take on the Club sound, but more than an adequate introduction. The mix was concocted in collaboration with the Pelican Fly label. Stream and download below.