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goon club allstars

You’re probably familiar with Mssingno if you frequent Dubstepforum and/or have seen Moleskin DJ in the past few months, but if you don’t fall into one of the two aforementioned categories, then you are in for quite a treat. Slated for a digital/12″ release on November 18 (on Goon Club Allstars), the London-resident’s self-titled EP is one of the most striking grime EPs to cross our ears in quite some time, combining the spatial awareness of new era eski producers like Slackk and Visionist with a synth-oriented sense of the moment akin to a Girl Unit or Lone. Every one of the EP’s four tracks are undisputedly huge, but “XE2” stands out amongst the greatness, matching an earworm vocal sample with beatific, undulating synth work. The feels are real with this one. Listen to clips from the EP below and hit the jump to stream the full version of “124th”.

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goon club allstars

Leeds/London-based label/collective Goon Club Allstars have been the talk of the grime world as of late in no small part because of their willingness to the original tenets of the London-born genre with regional American club sounds. With Samename and Moleskin behind the decks, this mix for Cluster Mag is as prominent of a mission statement as one can expect from a fledgling label (think the Body High FADER mix) and features a bevy of incredible tracks from across the UK/US club spectrum. You’ll find Fade To Mind staples, veteran grime classics and forthcoming edits and originals from Goon Club artists. The mixing is impeccably scatterbrained and rough around the edges, but encapsulates Goon Club’s wide ranging influences and strict adherence to abrasive dancefloor sounds.