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Originally coming to our attention through the 2014 Extasis Summer Compilation (which also featured Smurphy, Blaze Kidd, Wasted Fates and a host of others), Spaceseeds has remained an intriguing producer over the past few years, popping up here and there to release a pack of bootlegs or an original track. One of an increasing number of artists in the NAAFI orbit (Extasis is Lao’s label), Spaceseeds hails from Tepic and engages in exactly the sort of freewheeling approach that the Mexico City-based label adores, an anti-traditionalist style that takes pop, Caribbean musics and Central and South American rhythms and flips them into a prickly, but outrageously fun jigsaw puzzle of influence and innovation. It’s the sound found throughout each of NAAFI’s Pirata compilations and Spaceseeds placed three of his own efforts on the 2015 edition, mashing up Rabit, Que, DJ Marfox, Banda 52 and more on three gut punch bootlegs that are easily among the mixtape’s best.

Without only one official solo release to his name so far, also on Extasis, Spaceseeds’ catalogue is relatively small at this point, but if his mix work and occasional Soundcloud uploads are any indication the Mexican artist has a wealth of material in the bank. And with tracks like “Ela Parou”, “Lizard”, “Renuncia” and the host of unnamed material in his Astral Plane mix popping up more and more often it’s clear that original work is not just in the works, but very much on the horizon. Those tracks are deliciously broken, filtering baile funk, ballroom and noisy abstraction into singular works of dancefloor efficacy that seem to easily reference everything from Total Freedom-style CDJ manipulation to cerebral trance. In his Astral Plane mix, that approach takes on the characteristics of maximalism as colors, rhythms and textures seem to fly in and out of the mix with reckless abandon, not necessarily all at once, but in such an easy flowing fashion that it’s difficult to track of where one 90s R&B classic ends and the gqom rhythm you’re hearing began. The track list (after the jump) will be a helpful guide, but Spaceseeds is entirely on his own spatial plane when it comes to this mix and his original work in general.

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