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akito art FINALIt’s not always easy to decipher the intention of a piece of electronic music. Sometimes, a vocal sample  (e.g. “jack”) or the basic structure of a song gives it away, but sometimes four-on-the-floor beats and grueling sub-bass timbres deceive. That being said, Sub Skank boss and London-resident Akito’s music is very clearly, specifically focused on the dancefloor. Whether the context is a push club, a derelict warehouse, or a manic house party, there will be no head-bobbing or shmoozing while an Akito joint is played out. Like many of his contemporaries, Akito takes a little from the video game sound palette of Eski, a little percussion from jungle and/or Jersey/Bmore and mutates it into a pounding, dancefloor beast. It’s foot stomping, wyle out music that is at once easily accessible and eminently strange. Maybe it’s the ballroom “ha”s or the or occasional patois vocals, but despite the innate heaviness of Akito’s productions and mixes, it all seems like a rather fun, approachable affair.

This certainly manifests itself in Akito’s Astral Plane mix, one of the most effortlessly fun collections we’ve featured to date and a rare taste of what Akito the producer has in store on his upcoming Metamessage EP. With a peppering of originals and tracks from Astral Plane favorites like Neana, Rushmore and Jam City, the mix summarily hits a near-perfect club music sweet spot, offering something to nearly every brand of discerning listener. Stream/download below and hit the jump for the full track list.

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