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Suzanne Kraft sounds more like the name of a Motown singer than the name of a producer who is single-handedly breathing some life into the often stagnant deep house genre. Kraft is the moniker of Diego Herrera, an LA-based producer and member of Young Adults, the Friends of Friends offspring, collective, blog and record label. Young Adults is the more dance-oriented arm of FoF, but that doesn’t mean that they will be any less eccentric than their forebears. Deep house is a decidedly un-cool genre in the United States, appealing to a niche population and largely passed over by the media who have phenomenized “EDM” over the past few years. Filter or “nu” disco (hate that) is a tired genre without much room for creativity or expansion. As Suzanne Kraft, Herrera makes engaging deep house with a disco tinge that doesn’t fall into the boring conventions of contemporary disco. Kraft’s “Horoscope” is coming on vinyl September 11 and digital on the 25th. Stream below.