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In 2014, grime crews still nominally exist, but they don’t run the proverbial street with the fervor that Roll Deep, Boy Better Know and Ruff Sqwad did in ’04. I for one was not reticent of grime as an 11 year old American boy, but recent attempts at crew revival have got me calling for a renaissance, as well as feeling a fair deal of false nostalgia. Lewisham crew The Square, a seven member producer/MC amalgam, is looking to jumpstart that revival and Novelist and Lolingo, both of whom are members, have anything to say about it, this prodigious collection might just succeed. Besides Nov and Lol, The Square includes DeeJillz, Elf Kid, Syder, Faultsz and Streema. “Pengaleng” is the crew’s first output and the first single from their upcoming The Formula mixtape, due August 25 via Nohatsnohoods.