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For some reason, I have consciously ignored Teengirl Fantasy for the past few years. I don’t know if it’s the name or what, but something just turned me off about them without ever actually taking the time to listen to either of their albums. After hearing rave reviews after their performance at Decibel Festival, I decided to belatedly give the duo a chance. Nick and  Logan’s washed out take on analogue house is euphoric without ever descending into Balearic territory. Their least dance-able songs seem to effortlessly propel forward, which might be their most admirable quality. Highly recommended their albums, but they’ve also put in quite a bit of work on the remix front. Their latest retwerk is of Holy Other’s “Love Some1” and the results are stadium worthy. With Los Angeles crooner Kelela, synths swim fluidly among rapid-fire percussion hits and Kelela’s voice churns as the song accelerates into house territory. Not a big tune in the banger sense, but Kelela’s voice just fits into the seams of the duo’s production so well that I could imagine it streaming out of a massive sound-system with ruthless efficiency. Stream below.