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After a series of successful collaborations (what up Bruh Jackman), Hackman is back on his solo grind, remixing one of the buzzier buzz acts around, The 1975. Ryan Hemsworth made “Sex” tolerable a few weeks ago, but Hackman has one upped our favorite Nova Scotian, flipping it into a laid-back house joint that won’t be leaving the tapedeck for quite some time. Removing the large majority of the original’s obnoxious sing-along qualities, Hackman does what he does best, utilizing synth pads and a simple, but catchy as hell, bassline for maximum booty shaking. So yeah, that’s two of our favorite producers flipping an otherwise intolerable song into something beautiful. Pretty solid argument for the goodness in human nature. Or something like that. Stream and download Hackman’s “Sex” flip below.

This is something of a litmus test for Ryan Hemsworth’s esteemed (named one of Fact Mag’s top 15) remix ability. We know he can flip a Three 6 Mafia or Jeremih tune on its head, but what about a mediocre British boy band whose lead singer has a Skrillex haircut? Now that’s a challenge. The 1975 aren’t really offensive in any way, they’re just kind of… meh, but Hemsworth manages to get the most of the Mancunian’s stultified vocals. Clearly aimed at headphone listening, Hemsworth’s take on “Sex”  isn’t going to please most of his fans, but the twinkling piano driven beat is unobtrusively emotive, a result many producers struggle to touch upon. So Mr. Hemsworth, you pass the test, but maybe stay away from the boy bands next time. Stream and download below. (Via.)