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Since their inception, Chicago duo The-Drum have been rather unfairly grouped under the “cloud” microgenre, which seems to be applied to any remotely internet savvy act. Since catching our eye with their contribution to Haleek Maul’s Oxyconteen EP, Brandon and Jeremiah have helmed R&B mega-group JODY and honed their original and remix work into a viscous blend of codeine drenched homemade percussion and contemporary R&B inferred melodies. On June 25, the duo will release their debut LP, Contact, on Portland-based label Audraglint, which we can attest will not only allow  them to transcend the limiting “cloud” label, but will also entrench them in a long line of internet bred experimental R&B producers. Stream Contact‘s  first single below and mark off June 25 on your calendars.


Chicago production duo The-Drum first piqued our attention through their production work Barbados MC Haleek Maul and their profile has soared since then. Yesterday, we caught the duo’s remix of Shy Girls’ “Under Attack” and were immediately drawn in by its overwhelming sensuality. Honestly though, Yours Truly said it better than we ever could:

It’s the last dance of the night and you’re hoping she hasn’t noticed the thudding in your chest through the fabrics of your two shirts. You’re holding her close and barely moving, waiting urgently for the song to end but hoping it never does.

This girl is like the one from last weekend and all the weekends before, but there’s something about her. Her laugh has a different texture, her hair smells like peppermint, her lips look heavier and heavenly. She makes you feel tipsy, but also more sober than you have in a long time.

Stream below and keep your eye on this and/or that space for download/release information.

After a slight delay, one of our most anticipated releases of the year has hit the web. Haleek Maul let loose his debut Oxyconteen EP through Merok Records earlier and oh what a debut it is. Macabre in subject matter, production and aesthetic, Oxyconteen is a beautifully disturbing introspective into the mind of the 15 year old MC. Some might be quick to label it horrocore or another similarly disparaging label, but a quote from our interview with Haleek illustrates the EP far more aptly:

Whether or not I should be the good guy or the bad guy, the addict or the straightedge, etc. goes on forever. I kind of realized it was stupid to subscribe to a title. You usually let yourself down anyway by setting those types of goals that restrict your personality. All of that is in me and it makes me the unique person I am.

Haleek projects his insecurities into his music and therefore into your mind. Like he says on “Gully”, “I am not a person, I’m just voices stuck inside your head.” You won’t find a more self-aware release than Oxyconteen this year. Combine that with production from Supreme Cuts, King Britt, EPLP, The-Drum and Strat Carter and this debut will stay in the deck for many months to come. Just give this shit a listen. It’s free. You really don’t have an excuse. Stream below and grab the whole EP right here.