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rbma various asets - not for sale

This Summer, 62 musicians gathered in New York City to make music, attend workshops, share secrets and perform live. Those 62 comprised the 2013 Red Bull Music Academy class, an impressive array of producers, vocalists and instrumentalists from every corner of the electronic music world. Today, we’re lucky enough to receive (part) of what they came up with this past Summer. Various Assets – Not For Sale features collaborative tracks from Astral Plane favorites Sinjin Hawke, Kid Smpl, DJ Slow, Throwing Snow, Distal, Thundercat (under his birth name), Benjamin Damage and more. A compilation can only go so far to document a Summer’s worth of collaborative work, but Various Assets does an admirable job at giving plebes like myself some insight into the wonderful process that is the annual RBMA gathering. Stream Kid Smpl, SHDBOX, Branko and AnnaLove’s “Forces In The Way” and hit the jump (or head to Bandcamp) to listen/download the entire compilation

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throwing snow vellico

Throwing Snow’s tunes have always been maleable enough to operate in a dance music context, but have never been aimed directly at the dancefloor per se. The way he twists his bass melodies brings about an introspective quality absent in most straightforward bangers. That being said, tracks like “Melum” and his remix of Eskmo’s “We Got More” do plenty to get the good ol’ blood flowing. With that in mind, take a gander at his latest track, a collaboration with his brother Alistair made for the sole purpose of rump shakin’. The track follows the general UK trend of hefty techno with a good deal of chintzy synth melody to boot. “Pennines” has not been signed by a label yet (get on that folks), but you can stream below.

throwing snow

I can’t think of a producer that evokes more raw emotion out of bass weight and synth work than London native Ross Tones aka Throwing Snow. December’s Aspera EP was Tones’ best release to date and a clandestine journey through 140 BPM heartbreak. Not one to rest on his loins, Tones recently contributed a remix to Brighton footwork master Ital Tek’s Hyper Real EP and the results are predictably brilliant. “The Flood” is a paranoiac, futuristic jawn punctuated by shuttering high hats and footwork’s traditional rapid-fire elements. Throwing Snow slows the track down and throws it into half-step, giving it a glossier sheen, while retaining the queasy nature of the original. The future is looking real good if it’s sountracked by these two wildly talented producers. Tek’s Hyper Real is out now on Civil Music.