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Over the past few weeks, Baltimore legend DJ Technics has uploaded a massive catalogue of club tracks, effectively revitalizing an until-now dormant catalogue of mid-Atlantic heat. From classics like DJ Class’ “Tear Da Club Up” and DJ Samir’s “Samir Theme” to deep cuts from Rod Lee, Karizma and KW Griff, the uploads piece together an invaluable stretch of history that has been largely ignored amid the recent gustatory fervor over bedspring samples and think breaks. While East Coast club music’s rich history has been appropriated in a blunt, ignorant fashion by many younger, by-and-large European producers, Uniique, Nadus and Matic808 and others continue to advance the sound without relinquishing any of its original substance. Uniique’s remix of Tinashe’s simmering “2 On” is the most recent exhibit A, utilizing the typical mementos, not in excess, but as an aggressive form of release from the pounding kicks and reverb heavy vocal work. It’s a pleasure to listen to music that is as functional as it is properly conceived, as sonically adventurous as it is brutally utilitarian. Uniique has us in good hands.


While “Vulnerable” might have been Tinashe’s don’t-stop-looking-at-me statement, 2014 single “2 On”, featuring Schoolboy Q and produced by DJ Mustard, was the commanding singer’s clear breakout moment. It probably isn’t a coincidence that Murlo let loose his “2 On” refix the same day as the original’s impossibly sexy music video hit the web and the London producer’s filled out, chugging riddim is a perfect addendum to the visual component. Without losing the luster of Mustard’s sultry bassline, Murlo brings a slightly sunnier disposition to “2 On”, making the easier-than-you-might think jump into soca territory.

naphtaAfter piquing interest with a Sun Raw remix EP last month, Red Bull Music Academy alum and (apparent) R&B mega-fan Naphta is back with another remix package. This time around, the Polish producer has put forth his oddly slurred take on some of the most critically acclaimed R&B cuts from the last year, drawing from Autre Ne Veut, Shlohmo & Jeremih, and Tinashe. Naphta also draws quite a bit of his sound from regional American staples like Jersey Club and Three 6 Mafia-style, hi hat heavy beat work. The package is highly entertaining, if not spectacular, but few remix packages are at that. Stream two choice cuts from the EP below and download the entire thing here courtesy of Freshmore.

Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 9.24.50 AM

For someone who claims to not even “fully understand” pop music, Jacques Greene shows an incredibly impressive ability to craft infectious hooks out of abstract, dissonant vocal samples in his solo music. If he were to consistently work with an established vocalist, it’s hard to imagine exactly what direction his music would take, but I’m sure it would be groundbreaking. Recently, Greene got in the studio with prodigious Kentucky-born singer as part of Yours Truly’s “Songs From Scratch” series and our fantasy came to life. “Painted Faces”, is the result of that session and, while distinctly Greene, also features a clearer vocal component than any of his previous work. Greene’s sybaritic chords and thumping kickdrum play off of Tinashe’s longing vocals in a way that belies the relatively short amount of time the two have worked together. Like the Shlohmo/Jeremih “Songs From Scratch” feature, this pop/house hybrid that bridges the gap between tactful, below ground sounds and more overt, established pop melodies and song writing. It’s a brilliant combination and one we can only hope comes to fruition again in the future. Stream “Painted Faces” below and hit the jump for the full “Songs From Scratch” feature.

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