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Coming in hot with a highly tipped release on Black Acre, Tsunga is the latest artist to contribute to Trax Couture‘s monthly World Series, bringing his own brand of ‘ardkore to the London-based outlet. Support from Scratcha DVA and the “Feisar / Maris Piper” single have put Tsunga on the map over the past few months and, along with cohorts Wallwork & RZR, he has begun to makes waves with his hard-edged take on slowed down take jungle/hardcore or whatever you’d prefer to call it several years down the line from “Hackney Parrot”. Where Tessela and the Livity Sound folks take a strict percussion-focused approach to their revivalism, Tsunga indulges in rave stab-led euphoria, harkening not only to the drum frenzy of jungle, but to the earliest, rave-leveling forms of hardcore. “Cica Lights”, named after a popular 90s kids sneaker from Clarks, is the lead off of World Series Vol. 9, a four tracker highlighting fun-as-hell breakbeat productions, a donk and ghetto house-derived “Stomp Mix” and enough rave stabs to satiate us all. Vol. 9 is out July 1 via Rushmore‘s Trax Couture.