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First off, White Ring sound (and look) a lot like Salem. A lot of people fucking despise Salem. If you’re going to reflexively hate on this because of that association, stop reading now. I wouldn’t blame you. You’d be missing out on one of the best Flocka flips this side Shlohmo though. The New York duo avoid taking “Murder” into that extraordinarily obnoxious reverb-y/goth range, instead simmering it in a gauzy synths and machinegun 808’s. It really shouldn’t work, but it does. Unfortunately free downloads have run out so you only have the streaming option

Pay for what, girl you better for this

Remember that Waka Flocka track towards the beginning of Ryan Hemsworth’s Live For The Funk mix? The one that sounded like he was rapping over some sort of new age bedtime psalm? Well, Ryan has let it loose to run rampant on the general public. Continuing his hot streak, “Cold & Tempered” takes Flocka remixes (and there is no dearth of Flocka remixes) in a whole new direction, managing to inhabit the worlds of turn’t recklessness and insightful banter. Quite a feat for Mr. Hemsworth. Stream below and catch a download here.