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The Pacific Northwest’s electronic music scene has been a slumbering giant for quite some time, harboring enough talent to rival other major metropolis’, but without the vehicle to promote it. Over the past few years, the scene has begun to rev its engine and install important infrastructure that will ensure success for artists and labels for years to come. Much of the success to date is due to Decibel Festival, the annual four day event of all things good. Decibel has given shine to some of our favorite local labels including Dropping Gems, Hush Hush and Car Crash Set, and its organizers assist the scene all year long. Waylon Dungan aka WD4D is one of Seattle’s most talented producers and one that would most likely have been largely ignored a decade ago. Dungan has performed several times at Decibel and is a resident at weekly Stop Biting events. He recently opened for Astral Plane favorite Kid Smpl and Sweatson Klank (formerly Take) and exhibited a tasteful sensibility in his selections that is quite indicative of the scene as a whole. The set features a spattering of tracks from some of our favorite artists, as well as a few WD4D exclusives. As the Northwest awakens from its sleep, producers like WD4D and Kid Smpl will be at the tip of the wave so get acquainted. Stream and download below.

I’m going to keep this one short and sweet, because of some formal education imposed time constraints. Two of the most talented producers in Seattle just released one of the best instrumental releases the city has seen in sometime. WD4D (member of the Stop Biting Crew, more to come on them later) and Suttikeeree (formerly Dead Noise) released the After School 2 EP on Fourth City Records earlier this week, and boy is it great. It reminds of Hudson Mohawke’s most recent Satin Panthers EP, not so much in its sound (although the two do share some key characteristics), but in its range tempos and sounds. “Quest For Fire” transitions between dubstep basslines and sped up vocal samples, while “Ride-By Music” features a chopped Cool Kids sample and sound about a million times better whippin it down the freeway with two 16’s in the back than on my shitty macbook speakers. After School 2 is one of those perfect synthesis of experimental hip hop and bass music with a maximalist ethos. If you cop any new music today, make this it. It’s free, but only through tomorrow.