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doctor jeep

Photo by Elliot Holbrow

Boston’s Doctor Jeep first grabbed our attention via “Dem Hoes”, his ghetto house meets smooth jazz collaboration with Astro Nautico boss Obey City. Simply put, the track made repeating the phrase “do you love them hoes?” somewhat acceptable (emphasis on somewhat) in public. We haven’t heard from the good Doctor in quite a while, but this remix of Chaos In The CBD’s “Pale Moonlight” has him coming back with a vengeance. Jeep flips the mellow, piano-driven original into an aggressive garage number mounted on on a tumultuous bassline. Instead of being the focal point of the song, the original’s poppy vocals become another instrument in a procession of shuffling percussion, the increasingly funky bassline and what sounds like some sort of warped brass instrument. Stream below  and look out for Chaos In The CBD’s Never Ending EP on December 17 via Youngunz.