Dropping This Week (1/22-1/28)

A day late on this. Don’t have time to preview every album, but it’s a pretty big week. Go out and buy/download MU.ZZ.LE. It’s excellent.

Cloud NothingsAttack On Memory (Carpark Records)

Gangrene –Vodka & Ayahuasca (Decon Records)
Vodka & Ayahuasca opens up with a brutal recording of someone puking their guts out. The album doesn’t get any friendlier. The LA-area duo’s last album, Gutter Water, was an ode to the comic book rap with a distinct “from the streets” vibe, the new album specializes in the outrageous department asthe two MC’s/producers try to out weird each other in their own fucked up states. Vodka & Ayahuasca is not the easiest listen with Oh No repeatedly getting off topic and Alchemist’s rhyme skills still not top notch, but guest spots from Kool G Rap and Roc Marciano steady the album and the combined production acumen of the duo makes up for any lyrical deficiencies that might be present.Gangrene (Alchemist  + Oh No) – Vodka & Ayahuasca (Decon Records)

Gonjasufi – MU.ZZ.LE (Warp Records) (Gabe’s Pick)

Sumach Ecks aka Gonjasufi released one of the most surprising and innovative albums (A Sufi And AKiller) in 2010 on Warp Records. Fusing experimental reggae, hip hop and electronic sounds with production from Flying Lotus, Gaslamp Killer and Mainframe, the album seemed completely out of left field Sometimes Ecks would sing, sometimes he would rap and sometimes he would just kind of mumble. Long story short, the album worked and cemented Sufi as one of the most forward-thinking artists on the West Coast and FlyLo as one of its premier tastemakers. Since 2010, we have received two EP’s from Sufi, but it’s been a full length we’ve really been waiting for. Tuesday, we get our wish. If MU.ZZ.LE is anywhere near as good as A Sufi And A Killer or the first single, “Nickels and Dimes,” we are in for a treat. Check out this interview Sumach did with The Arts Desk for some insight into his creative process, and what drives him to make music. Stream MU.ZZ.LE at The Fader.

JazzanovaUpside Down (Sonar Kollectiv)

Nada SurfThe Stars Are Different To Astronomy (Barsuk Records)

Zeds Dead – Adrenaline EP (Inspected Records)

The Toronto duo of DC and Hooks are back with another EP to start off January. 2011 saw the duorelease five EP’s (!), tour the globe incessantly, and release one of my favorite tracks of the year, “Coffee Break.” While they have worked in electro, hip hop and dancehall in past releases, Adrenaline is a return to a more straight up in-your-face dubstep style. You can stream previews of the EP on Soundcloud and buy 320’s on Beatport.

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