“Maine Stage” at Sasquatch?

Photo by Madeline Feig

Earlier in the week, we wrote about the Sasquatch website malfunction that revealed a few acts from the lineup. Before the entire lineup is released tonight, we have another bit of information that leaked out when the website glitched. While this news is completely unconfirmed, several reports have articulated that this years festival will have an all Northwest hip hop stage called the “Maine Stage.” This is in line with confirmed reports that the festival will have a fifth stage, although the name is highly questionable. Probably a reference to hip hop slang, but who spells it that way? They really couldn’t have come up with a better name? Anyways, like the name or not, this is great news. The lineup leak included Grynch, Dyme Def, THEESatisfaction, Sol, Fatal Lucciano, Fly Moon Royalty, and SPAC3MAN, so if the stage is real, it is shaping up pretty well. Check out Guerilla Candy’s take on the stage, and their insights into the “Macklemore effect.”


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