Machinedrum and Om Unit Team Up To Form Dream Continuum

Photo from facebook

Wow Machinedrum aka Travis Stewart just keeps coming through with the collaborations. Last year it was Sepalcure (with Praveen Sharma) and now he has partnered up with Jim Coles aka Om Unit. Last month, Om Unit wowed everyone with his L.A. Refixes 7″ preview, featuring remixes of Daedelus and Om’Mas Keith. Machinedrum has been anything but quiet as well, releasing the SXLND EP, a remix for Bonobo and a mix for the Fader. Now the two have teamed up to form Dream Continuum and plan to release their first EP, titled Reworkz, on March 26 via Planet Mu. “B Free” is the rapid fire A-side to the EP and really highlights the skills of both producers. Spanning 6:46, “B Free” flips in and out of a breakbeat patter to highlight chopped vocals and an uplifting piano loop. The track is only available to stream at the moment, but be on the lookout for more Reworkz in March.

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