HudMo Brings The Bonafied Lovin’

Photo from facebook

I’ve been avoiding Valentines Day themed music all day, but this is too good to pass up. Everyone’s favorite maximalist, Hudson Mohawke, tones it down for one day to bring you Slow Jams Chapter V. For five years now, The Glaswegian native has brought the masses the best in slow jams and general love-making music. I haven’t had the chance to give the mix a spin, so I’ll let LuckyMe take it away:

5 years deep, the kid Hudson Mohawke returns with the definitive soundtrack to Valentines. Look, cancel that reservation. Put the money into good pizza and champagne. You’re getting this shit for free so buy your spiritual counterpoint something: the Heathers DVD. A single rose. Some salted caramels. Whatever. You got all the other magic you need right here. And if you’re alone tonight that’s okay; being into shit like this you’re gonna be fine. Trust us. Buy yourself those caramels. Get naked enough. Let a lil Mo get inside you… Happy Valentines everybody.

Download: Hudson Mohawke – Slow Jams Chapter V

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