Union remix Robert Glasper

Union, OJ and Gold, two parisian producers with a knack for analog space age beats, remix Robert Glasper’s song Move Love Ft. King. This is for a remix contest hosted by Glasper. Union  released one of my favorite hip hop albums of 2012 so far called Analogtronics which I will put a post on this weekend. The album has a wide array of classic talent including Talib Kweli, MF Doom, Big Pooh, Guilty Simpson, Mani Hoffman, and some others. To get you excited for that, heres a showcase of the duos talent remixing Move love (Which I posted on earlier last month but if you didnt catch it, heres the track again.

The Union remix can be streamed here along with a remix by Vlooper Remelange. http://www.moovmnt.com/2012/02/16/robert-glasper-experiment-move-love-remix-contest-pt-2/#.Tz6fbPGPW2U

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