Curren$y and Styles P Stay On Their Grind With #The1st28 EP

Does Curren$y ever leave the studio? So far this month, he has already released an EP (Here) and a live-instrumentation album (Muscle Car Chronicles), but he’s not finished yet. Earlier today, the #The1st28   EP dropped on Dat Piff. #The1st28 is Curren$y’s long-talked about collaborative effort with New York MC Styles P. In a lot of ways, Styles and Spitta are similar. They both love weed. They both love cars. They both love women. Etc. Etc. I’ve always been preferential to Curren$y as I think he is far better beat selection, is a more interesting character, and is more consistent, but the collaboration makes perfect sense. The EP is steady and predictable, but still a fun listen. Jay Electronica and Mos Def probably did the New York/New Orleans thing better on their collaborations, but good weed raps are good weed raps. Either way, the EP is infinitely better than the Ski Beatz/Cam’ron/Vado that dropped last night. Download #The1st28 for free at Dat Piff.

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