Intro To Austin Beat Scene + Exploded Drawing SXSW Compilation

The Los Angeles beat music scene has a resonant notoriety surrounding it throughout the world. Anyone “in the know” has at least heard of the Flying Lotus’s, Daedelus’s and Gaslamp Kiler’s of the world and Low End Theory has become a household name as well. The scene churns out talented new artists from a multitude of different backgrounds like hotcakes. These artists are represented on labels like Brainfeeder, Alpha Pup and more and routinely play shows in Los Angeles and up and down the West Coast. The scene’s sound has permeated other genres and is only growing in popularity. It is no surprise then that similar scenes, centered around a regular or semi-regular gathering of heads, have began to pop up across the country over the last five years or so. One of the most engrossing of those scenes happens to be in Austin, Texas, the setting for next week’s South By Southwest festival. Hopefully in the near future, we will provide a longer feature on the Austin beat scene, but for now, this will serve as an introduction.

Austin has not one, but two Low End Theory-styled events. The first, Applied Pressure, is a monthly event held at the Barcelona club in the heart of Austin’s live music district. Applied Pressure has four resident DJ’s, Hobo D, Kid Slyce, Boombaptist and 4th Wall. Like Low End, guests are routinely featured, ranging from Jonwayne to Eprom. Look out for more on Applied Pressure on The Astal Plane  in the near future.

The second Low End-styled night in Austin is called Exploded Drawing and they do things a little differently. Unlike Applied Drawing and Low End, DJ sets are not allowed at Exploded Drawing meaning artists play only their own music. Six “beat makers, sound collectors, and electronic composers” perform a 20 minute set every night at the semi-monthly event. Exploded Drawing stresses creativity and attempts to stimulate creativity through a multimedia experience at every show. As an introduction to Exploded Drawing, host Butcher Bear has offered up a 17-track compilation in anticipation of SXSW. The compilation features tunes from artists who routinely play at both Applied Pressure and Exploded Drawing as well as Astal Plane favorite Corduroi. The compilation is a great introduction into the Austin beat scene and all of the artists involved. Mad Zach’s “Plundering Shmaster” is my personal favorite. Stream and download the compilation below.


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