Jay Electronica Announces Act II is complete!

The wait may be over…Jay Electronica announced via his tweeter today “Dear Believers and Patient Supporters. Thank you for your patience and support. The Album will be turned in Tomorrow evening. The wait ends.” Jay Elec goes on to say that he will write an open letter via his tumblr (http://eyeofelectronica.com/) in the next couple of days. Now…this is huge! Fans and the like can rejoice that the album is now finished and physically being turned in tomorrow. While this is all well and good, just how long will we have to wait to hear it? This is the guy that has only released a mixtape, Act 1: Eternal Sunshine (the pledge) in 2007, Style Wars EP (2007), and then compilations of his music, What the Fuck Is A Jay Electronica, and the Victory mixtape. Basically the dude has kept fans waiting 5 years now to actually release a full fledged album so there is a lot of hype surrounding this release. Needless to say, I cant help but be very very excited that the album is finally finished. I just hope that the album gets put out in the near future.

This is supposedly a track off Act II that Jay deemed not good enough to be on the album…enjoi

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