Beat Culture Gives His Take On The xx’s “Shelter”

It feels like it’s 2009 again. It’s been three years since the release of The xx’s seminal self-titled debut, but as the fourtet gears up for a second go around, xx mania is revving its engine as well. Jamie xx stuck his neck into the solo realm and immediately became an indie darling after releasing the “Far Nearer”/”Beat For” single and his remix of Gil Scott-Heron’s last album I’m New Here. The xx are scheduled to play at numerous festivals across Europe and elsewhere this summer and have publicly stated that they are currently working up on a follow up to The xx. One result of the unique use of silence on their debut was a deluge of remixes from all corners of music realm. Some made perfect sense (Dark Sky, Four Tet, Mount Kimbie, Nosaj Thing), but most were cringe worthy. Without any new  material to work with, amidst the excitement over a new album, it appears that some producers have begun to look back to the debut for inspiration. One of those happens to be 17 year old up and comer Beat Culture. This remix of “Shelter” borrows heavily from Burial (no surprise that he’s listed as an influence), but with an added twist. The song lacks the subtlety of most Burial productions, but that doesn’t necessarily negatively effect the remix. Beat Culture also lists Hudson Mohawke as an influence who places about as far from Burial on the minimal/maximal spectrum. If Beat Culture can fall somewhere in between the two, while maintaining his signature style, the teenager has a bright future ahead of him. Stream/download his remix of “Shelter” below.

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