Teen Daze Drops Synths In Favor Of Acoustic Guitar On New Album Under Little Chords Moniker

Photo from facebook

If you didn’t think British Columbia’s own Teen Daze could get any more euphoric, think again. Under the moniker Little Chords, he has put down the synths and picked up an acoustic guitar to make a surprisingly agile album. I’ve been a fan of Teen Daze for quite some time now and wasn’t sure if I would like the new direction, but it’s great to see an artist move out of their comfort zone and excel. Although largely acoustic, the album is not bereft of pop material, and while it is more sleepy-time than dance-floor, it is obvious that Teen Daze is an expert at crafting pop songs. The album is up for purchase, but for those of us that are too cash-strapped to throw down the dough, there are three tracks from the album up for free download. Download “Remember,” “For You” and “Always/Never” below and stream/purchase the entire album. on Bandcamp. Teen Daze’s first full length (as Teen Daze) will be released on May 22nd on Lefse Records and is titled All Of Us, Together.

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