Tomas Barfod Releases “Broken Glass” Single on Friends of Friends, Features Shohmo Remix

In the aftermath of music conferences/festivals like South By Southwest or Miami Music Week, there is always an influx of collaborations, both between artists that have worked extensively together prior and others who have never met. Collaborations between Friends of Friends artists are almost always fruitful and Shlohmo’s remix of Tomas Barfod’s “Broken Glass” is no different. Barfod is a recent FoF signee and the drummer for indie rock band WhoMadeWho. Barfod is also Danish and brings some international flair to the FoF roster. “Broken Glass” is a marauding track, accentuated with vocoder’d vocals, that slowly builds, until, marked by crashing glass, a disco bassline breaks through and the track transforms and last 1:15 are dance floor bliss.

Stream/Download: Tomas Barfod – “Broken Glass”

Shlohmo, as he usually does, takes a different route on the remix, abandoning the earthy sounds that have defined his past few releases and pitching down the vocals to create a brooding atmosphere without slowing down the BPM. Shlohmo’s drums crack and sizzle over the original to create a more complex, although not necessarily superior effort. Whichever version you enjoy better, it’s great to see artists like this work together and hopefully we’ll see more material from the two in the near future. Barfod’s FoF debut, Salton Sea (love the title!), will be released in May. Stream the Shlohmo version at the Boiler Room.

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