Nardwuar Uncovers A$AP Mob’s Secrets + Preview of Araabmuzik/A$AP Mob Track

At this point just about all of us know about A$AP Rocky. He’s from Harlem, he’s that pretty mothafucka, he’s worked extensively with Clams Casino and he makes swaggerific hip hop tunes. What most people don’t know is that A$AP has an entire crew behind teeming with talent and what better person to introduce them to masses than Canada’s own Nardwuar. Rocky, Nast, Ty, Ferg, Twelvyy and Yams got together at SXSW to speak with Nardwuar to give their fans a little insight into the Mob behind A$AP. While it’s difficult to take Nardwuar serious at times, that, combined with his unmatched ability to delve into an artists past, is what makes him such an incredible interviewer. There isn’t anything I can say that Nardwaur can’t say better, so I’ll let him take it away. Also, check out a preview of the upcoming Araabmuzik/A$AP Mob track over at Yams’ Tumblr.

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