Meet Alby Daniels aka the “D’Angelo of Dubstep”

Alby Daniels is a 22 year old singer/producer from either Brighton or London. Last month, The Guardian called him the “D’Angelo of dubstep.” He released his debut EP, This Dawn, on Black Acre Records, who are releasing Dark Sky’s upcoming Black Rainbows EP, and is also the home of Fantastic Mr Fox. In The Guardian’s feature on Daniels, they lament the lack of open-hearted British R&B singers in the vein of D’Angelo and predict that Daniels might be able to fill that role, albeit not as a pop singer. Daniels is white and lacks the narcissistic self awareness that The Weeknd or R. Kelly embody. Still, he has quite a voice and a production style that is akin to a stripped down Mount Kimbie. You can buy This Dawn at Boomkat and also be sure to check out the mix he did for ClashMusic. If you aren’t feeling Daniels’ vocal performances, check out his remix of the late Amy Winehouse’s “Stronger Than Me” below.

Stream/Download: Amy Winehouse – “Stronger Than Me (Alby Daniels Remix)”

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