Airhead Featured On Resident Advisor Podcast No. 304

We apologise in advance for mentioning James Blake in the first sentence of this introduction, but it’s by far the simplest means of framing the music of Rob McAndrews, AKA Airhead.

That’s the first sentence of Resident Advisor’s post accompanying this week’s Podcast series, featuring Airhead. Kind of a bailout, because I was probably going to write a similarly lame lead in. Anyways, let’s toss the comparison’s aside. They’re both from South London, have been friends from a young age and are inextricably connected. Ok, deep breath. Now that that’s been said, let’s move onto the mix. After several years of flying fairly under radar, McAndrews is making waves. He was featured on Shlohmo’s Vacation EP last month and signed to R&S Records, home of likeminded artists like Lone, Pariah and Space Dimension Controller. This RA mix is made up of Airhead’s favorite tracks, for the dancefloor and for those quieter moments. It features quite a few Airhead originals, as well as tracks from R&S artists. The Jamie XX/Fantastic Mr. Fox collaboration that’s been floating around for a few months shows up, as does an unreleased Airhead/James Blake joint called “Int. Pembroke Anthem.” The mixing isn’t anything incredible here, although it is adequate, but the song selection and flow is pretty great. McAndrews allows the musical tides to ebb and flow with ease here, and 53 minutes feel effortless. Download the mix below and catch the whole tracklist after the jump.

Download: RA.304 Airhead

Pete Stollery – Altered_Images – Empreintes DIGITALes
Airhead – Wait – R&S Records
James Blake – Saying – Unreleased
Raime – Retread – Blackest Ever Black
TRS-80 – Karen’s Reflection – Vinyl International
Floating Points – Danger – Eglo Records
Paul Woolford & Psycatron – Stolen – Hotflush Recordings
Burial – Street Halo – Hyperdub
Blawan – Bohla – R&S Records
Fantastic Mr Fox & Jamie XX – Miss You – Unreleased
James Blake – Vogue – Unreleased
Shlohmo – Rained The Whole Time – Friends Of Friends
Klaus – Strafe – Unreleased
Shlohmo – The Way U Do (Airhead remix) – Friends Of Friends
Airhead & James Blake – Intl. Pembroke Anthem – Unreleased
Untold – Discipline – Hemlock Recordings
Unknown – Untitled
Wiley – Ice Rink – Wiley Kat Records
Plat – Paeling – Unschooled Records

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