New Sigur Rós Track and Upcoming Album

Icelandic-ambient-indie-falsetto lovers take note: Sigur Rós will be returning this spring with a new album, due out May 29th in the US via EMI/XL. This 8-track LP will be the band’s sixth studio album, and it will be titled Valtari. The band’s frontman Jónsi continues to contribute his angelic (though generally unintelligible, due to the fact that he tends to sing in Icelandic) vocals, and several sources have reported that this album will include more electronic elements than previous releases, though it seems the rest of the band’s instrumental contributors are still on board. None of the lyrics will be in English. Today you can listen to the second song off the album, “Ekki Múkk”, and this track certainly will not disappoint any Sigur Rós fans. Stream it right here, and watch the somewhat perplexing video above.


The album’s track list is as follows:

1- Êg Anda
2- Ekki Múkk
3- Varúð
4- Rembihnûtur
5- Dauðalogn
6- Varðeldur
7- Valtari
8- Fjögur Píanó

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