Ryan Hemsworth Takes On Three Six Mafia Classic “Late Night Tip”

Photo by Sasha Ioncarevic

Southern rap drums are not to be messed with. That’s why Halifax, Nova Scotia native Ryan Hemsworth didn’t fuck with DJ Paul and Juicy J’s snares and kicks on his remix of “Late Night Tip.” Three 6 Mafia’s original, off of Chapter 2: World Domination from ’97, is a masterpiece in its own right, but Hemsworth gives it a nice 2012 facelift. With the original percussion intact, Hemsworth speeds up the beat slightly, relieving it of some of its southern twang. Replacing the syruppy vibe of the original, Hemsworth infuses a ton of weird synths that feel like they’re from some altered zone. Feels a little bit like the atmospherics established on Lapalux’s When You’re Gone EP. Hemsworth is a genius for this one. Despite common perception, not all amazing Canadian artists come out of Toronto.

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